Lender Prospectus

Radiance is under reconstruction for future use as a group assembly space.  We invite lenders wishing to support community to help us continue our efforts, by making short term loans to complete our reconstruction. A summary of the loan terms follow, please contact us at lender@radianceoak.com for more information.

Renovation Loan Terms Summary

Seeking Loans of $5,000-$30,000 for renovation of the Radiance Oak building.

Loans will be used to complete a renovation and seismic upgrade at Radiance Oak, in order to operate legally as a group assembly space. They do not entitle the lender to any appreciation or ownership in the property. Loan proceeds are not tax-exempt.

Remaining Project Cost: $70,000
Seeking: $50,000 in new loans or donations

Loan Terms: 5% Fixed Interest Rate
Interest-only payments for 5 years, then balloon payment of principal
Fund accounting and interest payments administered by an unpaid agent

Security: The renovation loans from all lenders will be pooled into a second position lien, with the property as security. In the event of a loan default, pooled lenders make majority rule decisions based on their relative amounts of loan funds.

Security Value: The property has an estimated value of $2.2Million, with a current estimated equity of about $1,300,000.

Payments: Quarterly Payments for 5 years of Interest Only, beginning after 12 months to allow for project completion and commencement of operations. First 12 months’ interest is accrued quarterly, and will be added to principal amount. Loans extended after year 5 will be paid principal and interest quarterly.

Prepayment: No penalty to borrower for early repayment.

Early Withdrawal: Emergencies may arise where a lender would like to have their funds returned prior to the maturity date. While Radiance Oak will not be obligated to replace a loan, every effort will be made to find a replacement loan in such emergencies.


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