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Radiance Oak LLC owns the Radiance property, and is responsible for financing and coordinating its renovations. Radiance Oak is a vital community event venue, and we are restoring our building as required by Oakland Zoning to allow community assembly and use. This project requires funding support from the community; see Lender Prospectus for a summary of our loan terms. See Donations for our donation campaign.

We are seeking $50,000 for completing the capital improvements to our 1928 produce warehouse space. 

Completed! The Radiance IndieGogo Campaign is at:


We support organizations and individuals who value creating tangible community connections in a – physically safe, warm, attractive space. We bring people together benefit from this unique resource. Radiance is part of a growing, self-sustaining ecosystem of Oakland cultural development and ingenuity, and has been host for a wide variety of events and purposes throughout our history.

Required improvements include a major seismic retrofit to the 8,620 square-foot brick and old growth redwood timber building, construction of a 1-hour fire safe corridor, and ADA-compliant restrooms.

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